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The Improvisation theme for 2013-2014 is “Holidays.” Log in to the teacher pages on the MTAC website and click on Improvisation>Documents where you will find sample assignments listed by year.
“Holidays” is at the top of the list labeled as the 2014 Theme.
Click on “Holidays” to open sample assignments for each month of the year. Several well-known and many not-so-well-known holidays are listed for each month. You can assign a particular holiday to your student or let each choose a holiday of their choice as the inspiration for their weekly or monthly Improvisation.
You may print the entire year’s Holiday assignments. Copy any or all of the pages for your students. You might put a studio copy in a binder for your students to begin looking at to choose a special holiday from each month’s list — a good activity if they arrive a little early for their lesson! If they find an unusual Holiday of interest to them, suggest that they do some research to find out the background of the holiday.
Students enjoy doing artwork to illustrate their Holiday — you might display their artwork in your studio each month, and then make a booklet of each student’s work to present to them at the end-of-year studio recital.
Include all the favorite Holiday Improvisations in your Recital. Students love to play their “own” music!
The deadline to submit recorded Improvisations for Evaluation is March 15, 2014. Students may opt for evaluation ONLY, or they may wish to also be considered for Convention performance.
Students may submit any Improvisation of their choice for the evaluation. Complete instructions for the Improvisation evaluation application and Convention performance are listed on the website.
Start now planning your Improvisation year!
Deborah Sanfilippo, State Chair Dorothy Burgess, State Assistant Chair Improvisation

Email Improvisation Branch Chair, Alyse Korn with questions.

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