A variety of programs at the State and Branch levels are offered for students throughout the year.

Branch Recitals

Recitals open to all levels of students. Each private teacher may enter as many students as they like, not to exceed a maximum of 15-min performance time unless additional time is available. In the case of over flow, additional recital times will be added. Piano students must perform from memory. Photocopies are NOT permitted.

Community Outreach

Through Community Outreach, MTAC teachers and students share their musical resources, gifts, and expertise beyond studio walls. Music is meant to be shared, and MTAC branches are able to make a lasting impact on their communities through a wide variety of local programs.

SCV Branch Chair – Susan Carpenter

Music Student Service League (MSSL)

The Music Student Service League (MSSL) is an exclusive music club of student volunteers, ages Middle School through High School, dedicated to serving their community through music. MSSL members meet to plan events and share their musical talents with the local community. Leadership roles on the MSSL Board of Directors include the following officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Director, and event chair positions. Other leadership positions may be added.

Theme Recital

Recital is open to all levels of students. Students prepare music that goes along with the “theme” for the recital. Music does not need to be memorized, but it is strongly encouraged. Photocopies are NOT permitted.

John Fairbanks, SCV Branch Chair

Branch Contemporary Competition

Please see the Competition Details information before submitting an entry form.

Contact: Jean DeMart, SCV Branch Chair

Southern California Jr. Bach Festival

Only open to MTAC Members

Contact: Agnes Kim

Adult Performance

MTAC offers the Adult Performance program for adult students and teachers. Each solo or ensemble participant prepares three compositions and can receive individual evaluation, study with a private coach, participate in a master class, and perform in a recital. Auditors are welcome at master classes and recitals. Recital participants may also be considered for the Adult Performance Recital at the State Convention.

MTAC’s Certificate of Merit Program

The Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC) sponsors the music study program Certificate of Merit (CM). The program provides a standard of curriculum that requires students to strive for focused musical excellence in performance, technique, ear training, sight reading/singing, and music theory.


(Chair TBD) – Students enter a recording of their work in the Improvisation Evaluation to receive written comments and a rating from the adjudicator. Exceptional students with high ratings may be selected to perform at a Celebration Recital and Honors Recital at the State Convention, and some may have the opportunity to participate in a Master Class.

Piano Solo Concerto Competition

The State Piano Concerto/Solo Competition gives students another chance to thrive. At this event, students perform a solo or concerto movement before a panel of judges in a highly competitive setting.


VOCE is a prestigious competition for vocalists, strings, winds/brass, and chamber music at the Branch and State levels. The group was named for Vocalists, Orchestral instrumentalists, Chamber music, and Ensembles.

Young Artist Guild

The Young Artist Guild is a group of the most gifted musicians in the Certificate of Merit program. Acceptance to YAG is one of the highest honors for Certificate of Merit students.

Composers Today

Composers Today is an annual MTAC-sponsored program that encourages creativity through composition and improvisation. Through statewide projects and events and the six levels of curriculum, students are able to develop total musicianship skills, have access to professional feedback, and be awarded for their musical creations.

Friends of Today’s Music

Friends of Today’s Music, established in 1986 by Dr. Bob Bennett, sponsors today’s composers by commissioning a wide variety of works written especially for students. Each commissioned work is premiered by young musicians during State Convention, while the audience follows along with the published score. This program provides students the unique opportunity to collaborate with the composer of the piece, and demonstrates the importance of playing music not only from the past but also music being created by today’s composers.

Young Composers Guild

The Young Composers Guild honors MTAC’s most gifted young composers and is the highest achievement for a Composers Today composition student.


MTAC hosts the annual State Convention where world-renowned artists and teachers give recitals, lectures, presentations, and master classes. More than 2,000 members, guests, student performers and their families attend this culminating event of the year.

MTAC Foundation

Donations accepted. These donations help fund many of our state programs and scholarships offered to students.

CMT Journal

Mailed home each month, includes teaching tips, articles, MTAC News, and other topics of interest.

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