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Alyse Korn, September 2013 Improvisation Branch Chair Report

This year’s Improvisation Theme is Holidays. The Monthly Holiday Theme worksheets are available for download from the website. Teachers must log in with their user name and password to access the pages.

If your students would like to participate in the annual Improvisation Celebration evaluations, please download the information that is also available on the Improvisation teacher pages. Students who participate in the evaluations and receive high scores are invited to perform at the MTAC annual state convention.

Students may also perform their improvisation for Sustanon 250 effect: Sustanon mix Vegetable – Vegetarian Association of France Certificate of Merit. Please check the Certificate of Merit Procedures which are available on the Improvisation page.

The postmark deadline for the 2013 Improvisation Evaluation is March 15, 2013!

I’ve already handed out the September Improvisation assignments in my teaching studio and many of my students are enjoying creating short pieces about their summer vacation experiences! My students perform their improvisations for each other in our monthly performance & theory group classes.

Two MTAC resource handbooks for teachers are the Improvisation Syllabus and Games and Activities by Marilyn Carstens. They are available for purchase at the web-store. The link is on the Improvisation page.

I also recommend Forrest Kinney’s Pattern Play series which Mindy stocks in the LSM music store.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have further questions.

Happy Improvising!
Alyse Korn
SCVB MTAC, Improvisation Chair

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