2019 Romantic Festival

2019 Romantic Festival
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Congratulations to all our participating students and Teachers who prepared students for our first annual Romantic Festival February 9, 2019 which was held at Little School of Music.




Trophy winners’ names, instrument and Teacher are as follows. Congratulations!
Brandon Park, piano (Manyoung Hwang)
Erin Kang, piano (Judy Kang)
Sarah Yoon, piano (Judy Kang)
Heidi Kim, piano (Judy Kang)
Allison Lam, piano (Jean DeMart)
Keanu Pence, piano (Agnes Kim)
Matthew Campos, piano (Lisa Kim)
Isaac and Sophia Priwer, piano duet (Wendy Hersh)
Lauren Tran, piano (Anna Bendorf)
Sophia Priwer, violin (Elena Chao)
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