2016 Regional Bach Festival

2016 Regional Bach Festival
May 25, 2016 Comments Off on 2016 Regional Bach Festival Announcements,Programs & Events SCVBranch

The 2016 Regional Bach Festival was held in Ventura on May 21, 2016.
Of 91 participants from 5 branches, 42 winners were chosen.
Our own branch was awarded with 8 winners.
Congratulations to all!


Kathleen Adhinatha                    Jinny Noh
Jadia Zhang                                 Manyoung Hwang
Jackie Roche                               Agnes Kim
Caitlin Tang                                  Agnes Kim
Kenton Goo                                 Jean De Mart
Madelyn Smith                             Adam Bendorf
Hye Lynn Suh                              Hyun Joo Kang
Anne Gabrielle Go                       Adam Bendorf

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