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The Music Student Service League (MSSL) is an exclusive music club of student volunteers, ages Middle School through High School, dedicated to serving their community through music. MSSL members meet to plan events and share their musical talents with the local community. They may also assist the MTAC SCV Branch at various service events throughout the community upon request.  Past event examples include: Performances at local senior homes, running a music petting zoo at a festival, volunteering at CM.

In addition, MSSL students plan and achieve self-directed service projects, assisted by a Branch MSSL Advisor.  Past service project examples include:  a food drive, donating instruments to a class, a fundraiser concert for local charity.

Leadership roles on the MSSL Board of Directors include the following officer positions: President, Secretary/Historian, Communications Director, and event chair positions as needed. Other leadership positions may be added.

What do we do?

Plan, promote, perform! Guided by music teacher advisors, MSSL students have the opportunity to organize projects, events, and performances, and develop individual leadership skills. Advisors attend MSSL meetings and are available to assist MSSL when needed. MSSL projects include student performances at local malls, senior homes, mentoring younger students, organizing and volunteering at community youth music programs, and participating at community fundraising events.

Why participate?

MSSL participation helps students develop community, responsibility, and leadership skills.  Students may also acquire community service hours if applicable.

When are meetings?

MSSL Meetings are planned at discretion of the elected President and Branch MSSL Advisor.  Last year they were generally held once a month on Saturday afternoon, but scheduling is flexible.  MSSL students are expected to attend meetings to help with planning/executing events.

Where are meetings?

Meetings may be held at any appropriate location, but are usually held at Little School of Music, located at 28306 Constellation Rd. in Valencia, CA 91355.

How do you join?

Students interested in MSSL may join at anytime. There are no membership fees or dues. New students are encouraged to attend a MSSL membership meeting before making the commitment to participate.

1) Complete a MSSL Membership Application Form (make sure to have contact info & teacher name)

2) Read emails, txts and check the website for current info!

3) Attend the MSSL Meetings and bring ideas to begin planning!!!  🙂


Officers and Duties

These are the primary MSSL officer positions.  This is a general template, more or less position or shifting of responsibilities may occur depending on student participation numbers.  (ie condensing Officer duties if not enough students, Treasurer, Vice President, etc)



-To guide and oversee the planning of the year’s MSSL activities

-To direct and advise other officers and students and check that jobs are completed

-To set meeting times, locations and agendas


Communications Officer

-To maintain MSSL membership roster (add new member info, update return students)

-To send out emails, texts and updates to all members

-To maintain current information on the website (next meeting info, updates on project, etc)



-To keep attendance at meetings, take meeting minutes (BRIEFLY outline what was discussed)

-To keep a record of all MSSL activities (copies of minutes, membership roster, recital programs, photos, etc)

-To organize and present a general summary of MSSL events at the end of year party ( a slide show, scrap book, etc)


Click here to submit your MSSL Membership Application

Contact Email: Manak Khamvongsa, MTAC SCV Branch MSSL Advisor:


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